Data Security

Security by design, not afterthought.


Your data is secure with a bespoke solution from Albany Digital

We're more than just code monkeys... we're your digital partner. That means we understand more than just code. We understand the value of your data.

Whether we are talking about confidential business data and reports, or sensitive personal data that you would like to store in your digital systems, we understand that the security of your data is a key business concern.

All of our solutions come with encryption and automatic data backups so your data is as safe as possible.

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Two factor authentication as standard

We insist that every solution we build implements two factor authentication.

Two factor authentication means you need more than just a username and password to login to the system.

Just like when online banking, you need to either use a physical token generating device or provide memorable information when logging in.

This protects you against unwanted third parties stealing your password and logging in, thereby gaining access to your business critical systems and data.

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Action audit logs give effortless GDPR compliance

In the systems we build, every single action that is performed by a user is logged.

This means you can view who viewed what data and when. In the case you are storing personal information - this enables you to be fully GDPR compliant.

If you want to get really fancy, we can build in systems that automatically detect and alert you of anomalies and deviations from typical interactions with your system.

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Here are just a few of the companies we've helped transform:

We used to match candidates to job roles at our recruitment firm by hand. With our new cloud based CRM we can now automatically match candidates to job roles by location and skill set. This has saved us hours each day! Thank you, Albany Digital.
Myles Barnabas
Asprey Medical Services
The bespoke operational software developed by Albany Digital has allowed us to automate and streamline many of our processes as we grow rapidly. This has allowed us to focus more of our time on business expansion. Would highly recommend Albany Digital.
Justin Baptie
Savills Catering

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