Clear Pricing

Harvey Coplestone Published on July 25, 2019

The Challenge

Insight Strategic Associates, a forward thinking accounting firm, wanted to improve their client onboarding experience.

Like most of our clients, they started off using an excel spreadsheet to manage their client data and to price new jobs, but they quickly realised that this didn’t provide the control and customer experience that they knew their clients deserved.

Our Solution

We developed a software package, Clear Pricing, that allows their account managers to sit down with potential clients and assess their accounting requirements via an easy to use, interactive quiz.

Using our software, the account manager and client work together to tailor and price the client’s ideal support package.

Once a service package is built, a contract and pricing agreement is generated in real time, allowing the client to be signed and onboarded immediately while they are still in the office.

This solution has empowered staff to generate consistent pricing in line with company policy.  Furthermore, upper management no longer needs to get involved in the engagement pricing and client onboarding process, saving everybody time and money.

The software also serves to impress new clients and has taken Insight’s client onboarding process to a whole new level!

Key Takeaways