Asprey Medical CRM

Harvey Coplestone Published on July 25, 2019

The Client

Asprey Medical Solutions are a highly specialist medical recruitment agency who supply a variety of staffing solutions to the Public and Private Healthcare sectors.

The Challenge

Previously, Asprey had been managing their candidate and client databases using Excel. Over time, this led to several key issues:

1. GDPR Compliance

Their old Excel based system was not GDPR compliant. They could not audit who viewed their candidate’s data and they could not easily process personal data requests.

2. Lack Of Structure Led To System Breakdown

Their old Excel based system could not easily handle the number of records they had. Breakdown in quality control and lack of input validation meant that data wasn’t being recorded consistently between records, making the data difficult and sometimes even impossible to search accurately.

3. Unscalable Process

With their old system, they were matching candidates with job roles by hand. They had to manually use Google Maps to determine the distance of a candidate from a role and they had to manually cross reference the skill set of each candidate to see if it matches the new role.

4. Location Restraints

With their old system, they could only access their data from the computers in their office. This made working remotely or from other offices extremely difficult.

5. Insurance

With their old system, lot’s of key information was scattered between bits of spare paper and employee’s memories. This means that the business wasn’t adequately protected against fire, theft or key employees leaving.

Our Solution

In response to the challenges Asprey Medical approached us with, we designed and built a bespoke CRM system that allows them to securely manage their client and candidate data from anywhere.

Using their new GDPR compliant system, the candidate searching process has been transformed from an hours long search through unstructured data to a click of a button.

Automatic matching of candidates and job roles by distance, skill set, sector and other key filters has made recruitment a breeze. Candidate shortlists can be compiled and accessed from any internet-connected device, and suitable candidates can be automatically emailed or text-messaged asking them if they are interested in a job role.